Browsing online during a recent research, I came across a spot that kindly interrupted my navigation. Unlikely the majority of advertising interferences, however, this one seemed different. Yes, it was created by a commercial brand. Still, the style, the tone, the narrative – there was something catching and universal about it that deserved my attention. In brief, it was about our increasing incapacity to be mindful and to really listen to people, to others, to ourselves, to nature, to our beloved ones, to those who have valid things to say. At some point the protagonist of the spot reveals that he was born deaf, so he cannot hear, yet he learned how powerful it is to really listen.

At MOOZIK we believe that the right sounds can trigger the right feelings and emotions. That’s Sound Branding! Music is subtle but powerful. Think about your own daily experiences. When was the last time you felt inspired by something you heard?

Do you want to feel the sun? Do you want to walk or run on a sunny sandy beach? The beach is your catwalk, a place to see and be seen, or just relax.

Then try our playlist Walking on the Beach.

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