Although online shopping is a universal trend, having a store is still the best shot. A new study by ICSC, an organization serving the global retail real state industry, shows that when an online retail opens a new physical store it leads to 37 percent average gain. That means, even when shoppers make the ultimate purchase online, the decision begins in a store.

But why customers prefer to visit a store?

According to a recent survey by Retail Dive, being able to see, touch, trying on and even smell items play a significant role in the shopping experience. That is so meaningful Tom McGee, CEO of ICSC, says “retailers are investing in their stores and reinvigorating their physical experience”, a “retail renascence”.

Retail rebirth means understanding the necessities and expectations of customers and creating a memorable shopping experience. To do that brand owners are investing not only in the most common physical aspects of their stores like the interior design and lighting, but also in more subtle, but no less important ones, like smell and music.

One of the crucial parts of this retail rebirth is understanding the role background music plays in a meaningful shopping experience. Most multinational brands have already understood and are hiring music experts to help them. Experts use the world’s most significant studies on music in commercial settings and their intuition to create a soundtrack that provides customers with a more meaningful shopping experience. One that will mean much more than the purchase of a new product, but also the pleasure to visit the store.

Is your business part of the retail rebirth?

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