Have you ever thought of investing in sonic branding?

Master Card has. After removing its own name from the symbol, the credit card company has announced the release of its own soundtrack, a “transaction sound” that will play across mediums and platforms when users check out.

Master card move reflects the way branding has evolved in recent years. Today, brands need to have a distinct, recognizable identity not just in packaging, stores, or billboards, but also across digital ads, apps, and podcasts–and newest of all, in a growing number of screenless interfaces, like Amazon and Google voice assistants.

Brands, once purely visual tools, are weaving their way into the world around us–including what we hear. Think about it, without a screen, you can’t see what Mastercard looks like–but you can certainly hear what it sounds like.

Have you ever thought of incorporating sounds to your brand? We have. Audio identities connect brands with consumers on a new dimension, with the right moods. At MOOZIK, our goal is to create a unique sonic brand identity to provide your consumers with better, more pleasurable and meaningful experiences.

How many sonic identities do you know and recognize? What about your favorite shop?

Next time you go shopping, try our playlist Going Shopping.

The original article about Master Card can be found here.