Sounds are a very important part of our lives. They can connect us with our reality in a way to impact not only our emotions but also our behaviors. Because of that, sounds can affect the way we shop, influencing decisions and performances.

Yes, sounds can transport us to a different time or a different place from our most cherished memories. But sounds can also influence our immediate behavior. Just think on some of the different roles sounds play in your daily life. We use sounds to wake us up in the morning, to alert us and prepare us for action when something goes wrong, to makes us run in an emergency. Based on sounds alone, we recognize our favorite program or even our favorite commercial and maybe are more willing to sing a dingle along or even buy a product. Sounds can change our minds, but also our states, from passive to active.

Retailers always worried about how their brands look and sometimes forgot the importance of how their brands sound. However, the lost piece of the consumer experience puzzle has finally been found, brands are finding that the use of sound cannot only shape consumers experiences but also can impact consumers reactions. In other words, the right sound, the right music, and the right mood can make your customer spend more time in your business, buy more, and remember your brand in the future.

The reason why audio branding is so effective is that sounds can, more efficiently and rapidly than any visual stimuli, connect us with a certain experience, prepare us to a certain state of mind and lead us to a certain action. Some sounds make us awake, some others make us relax, there are sounds that make us happy, nostalgic, enthusiastic, strong, adventurous – you name it.

That is why sounds are so important for brands and business. By influencing customers moods, sounds can impact the way customers feel about a product or a business, determining their actions towards it, meaning strengthening in brand recall and brand loyalty.

Have you ever noticed how you feel when music is around?

We at MOOZIK think about it all the time.

MOOZIK is a team of experts in the field of music and branding. We strongly believe that music can boost your business. Explore our website, listen to one of our tracks and get in touch to discover a different way to build a memorable retail experience with the right moods.