Meet our team

Martin Conrad Hotzendorf's photo
Martin Conrad-Hötzendorf
CEO & Creative Director

Blending his Brazilian soul with a strong European heritage, Martin is the initiator of MOOZIK and the artist behind the brand concept. After a classical music education, he has surfed punk waves and became a gifted DJ. Specialized in Marketing and Finance, Martin holds a Masters from the Vienna University of Economics, with certificates in Quality Management and Project Management. He is inspired by all sorts of music to create original tracks.

Christoph Sailer's photo
Christoph Sailer
Sales Manager

Music is serious business and Christoph is the man in charge of growing the impact of MOOZIK. Graduated at the Austrian Insurance Academy – Schools of Higher Technical Education, Christoph has more than 20 years of sales experience advising different types of clients with a strong focus on excellence. Passionate about the power of sounds, he often plays epic songs to infuse positive energy in every journey.

Ricardo Hippert's photo
Ricardo Hippert
Design Manager

Master of Arts in Creative Industries and with an MBA in Strategic Design, Ricardo is a talented graphic designer with more than 15 years of experience working with art institutions, start-ups, and a variety of corporations. He adds to MOOZIK an unique perspective to each project detail. As an entrepreneur, he co-founded Borda, a design-driven consultancy for business innovation. Ricardo is always motivated to explore new rhythms and finds excitement in unexpected music combinations.

Raquel Sztejnberg's photo
Raquel Sztejnberg
Brand Manager

As a brand strategist, Raquel is responsible for keeping MOOZIK consistent and relevant across all touchpoints. Trained in the Netherlands and in Italy as a Cultural Anthropologist (MSc), with specializations in Consumer Trends and Marketing, she is constantly researching the relation between sounds and brands. She always chooses vintage dance music to boost joyful daily beats.